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ICHTHYO - the inner beauty of fishes

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Here is the perfect fish gift for the approaching holiday season — and for any other reason, of course.

In ICHTHYO The architecture of fish, by Stephanie Comer and Deborah Klochko, fish bones become art.

The book is a 189 pages collection of charming and beautiful X-rays of fishes from the Smithsonian Institution. The X-rays were made by Sandra Raredon and are interspersed with essays authored by Jean-Michel Costeau, Daniel Pauly and Lynne Parenti.

On page after page,  swimming skeletons reveal an amazing variety in the shape of fish, stripped of concealing scales, skin and colours. An art book, this is also an opus worth putting in the hands of students. The images are arranged in phylogenetic order, starting with a hagfish with no bony structures at all, and ending with a sweetheart pair of sunfish illustrating how evolution can also do away with the bone we associate with bony fishes.

Cover of ICHTHYO

Citation: Comer, S. & D. Klokcho. 2008. ICHTHYO. The architecture of fish. X-rays from the Smithsonian Institution. Chronicle Books, San Francisco.  ISBN 978-0-8118-6192-2.