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The Swedish FishBase Symposium 2009 - Sharks!

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

The annual FishBase Symposium organised by the Swedish FishBase team will be arranged on 19 October  2009 at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm.
This year we focus on the fascinating, little known, and highly threatened cartilaginous fishes, in particular the sharks. World renowned experts, among them Eugenie Clark, Leonard V. Compagno, and Sonja Fordham, will present shark research from different perspectives.  Presentations and filsm will be given mainly in English, but some in Swedish.

As usual the FishBase Symposium is open for all. There is no registration fee, and lunch is included. Programme and information about registration will be posted soon. Mark 19 October for FishBase Symposium 2009!