Common names of Sciaenops ocellatus
n = 29
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Common Name Used in Language
Type Official Trade Name
Channel bass UK English Vernacular No
Channel bass USA English Vernacular No
Corvina Mexico Spanish Vernacular No
Corvinão-de-pintas Portugal Portuguese Vernacular No
Corvineta ocelada Mexico Spanish AFS No
Corvinón ocelado Mexico Spanish Vernacular No
Corvinón ocelado Spain Spanish FAO No
Punarumpukala Finland Finnish Vernacular No
Rdeča grba Slovenia Slovene Vernacular No
Red drum Chinese Taipei English Vernacular No
Red Drum Germany German Vernacular Yes
Red drum Mexico English AFS No
Red drum UK English FAO No
Red drum USA English AFS No
Redfish USA English Vernacular No
Röd havsgös Sweden Swedish Vernacular No
Röd trumfisk Sweden Swedish Vernacular No
Roter Trommler Germany German Vernacular Yes
Roter Umberfisch Germany German Vernacular Yes
Rød trommefisk Denmark Danish Vernacular No
Rødhavgjørs Norway Norwegian Vernacular No
Spotted bass UK English Vernacular No
Tambour rouge France French FAO No
Tambour Rouge Germany German Vernacular Yes
Tropical sea bass Australia English Vernacular No
Tropical sea bass UK English Vernacular No
星鱸 Hong Kong Cantonese Vernacular No
眼斑拟石首鱼 China Mandarin Chinese FAO No
紅擬石首魚 Hong Kong Cantonese Vernacular No
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