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Fish Watchers: Here is a place where you can upload your observations of fishes!

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FishBase supports the uploading of fish observations and photos through the Internet, e.g. from divers or anglers. The information will be used to create current distribution maps to assist in monitoring trends in biodiversity. If you want to contribute information on where and when you have seen what fish, and preferably you can back this up by a photo to ensure correct identification, this is what you have to do:

1) Click on the 'Get new ID' link to get an identification number and password. Please take note of these as you can use them for future sessions, and you will need them if you want to edit your data.

2) Use the Search FishBase interface to get to the Species Summary for the species you have observed. Click on the 'Add observation' link at the top of the form. Then you are provided with a form that allows you to submit your observation (required minimum: locality name, coordinates, date and length of fish).

3) To see your data and photo, click on the 'FishWatcher' link in the Species Summary, Internet sources section. In the top of the table you can click on 'Point map' link view a map with all point data available from fish watchers, including yours. Similarly, if available, you can click on the link beside the 'Attachment' column to see the photo uploaded. Or click on the photo in the Species Summary page to go to the 'Thumbnails' page, where all FishWatcher photos for a given species are shown.

Get new ID | Edit my observation(s) | Edit my personal info | Show all records
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