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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Liza subviridis199519.7585.33FISH 387809Chilka Lake.
Portal: FB. Source: FISH
3.08101.10UBC 640143Lindsey, C.C.; Johnson, D.S., MALAYA JOHORE (S) KAMPONG SUNGAI PEREPAT
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
2.50101.52UBC 631357Lindsey, C.C., MALAYA NEGRI SEMBILAN PORT DICKSON MARKET, W coast Malaya. some brought form elsewhere.
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
4.00102.00UBC 580032Gift from Mrs. Alfred, MALAYA, Raffles Museum, taken in Malaya or Singapore. Also, see notes for more specific loc. data per fish.
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
1.42103.43UBC 640310Lindsey, C.C.; et al., MALAYA NORTH SINGAPORE ISLAND SUNGAI SELETAR in tidal stream.
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
2.00103.50UBC 640331Lindsey, C.C., MALAYA JOHORE STATE (PROBABLY)
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
Mugil sundanensis Bleeker, 1853-6.17106.83FB 2741201Benculen [Bengkulu], Sumatra; Jakarta [Batavia], Java, Indonesia.
Portal: FB. Source: FB
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