Reproduction of Sicyopterus lagocephalus
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Main Ref. Keith, P., E. Vigneux and P. Bosc, 1999
Mode dioecism
Fertilization external
Mating type monogamy:
Spawning frequency throughout the year, but peaking once
Spawning aggregation Ref.  
Batch spawner Yes.   Ref.  Manacop, P.R., 1953
Reproductive guild nonguarders
open water/substratum egg scatterers
Parental Care biparental
Description of life cycle and mating behavior Females when ready to spawn wriggles under a loosely set stone. The eggs are spread into a flat mass as the fish holds fast to the under surface of a stone. The eggs are fastened to the stones by the gelatinous threads that cover them (Ref. 110258). The male ejects his milt on the mass of eggs (Ref. 110258). Spawning occurs in freshwater afterwhich eggs and larvae are washed down by the river current into the sea and goes back up the river after a month or so (Ref. 110258). The embryo development occurs in freshwater and the larvae should migrate to saltwater a few days following hatching. The larvae are carried by current to the sea where they grow up to the juvenile stage ("bichique"). At this stage the alevins get to the rivers and start going upstream during the new moon. They can go up to waterfalls higher than 10 meters with the help of their sucker-disc, that they can colonize waters up to 800m altitude (Ref. 48660).
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