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How to become a FishBase Collaborator ... and Why

A large project such as that which led to FishBase generates enough credit to share among project collaborators, and FishBase was designed to make explicit the role played by each collaborator.

For example, the chapters of the FishBase book are authored by the FishBase staff members and collaborators who have worked with the corresponding tables, data and/or concepts. References to each work from which information was extracted are given in the database, and the names of collaborators are attached to all the records they provided or corrected.

Moreover, three explicit procedures exist in FishBase to give credit to collaborators:

In addition to the above, we are working on a concept of Coordinators for certain areas such as taxonomic families, ecosystem or countries, and special topics such as relative brain size or swimming mode. Coordinators will have their name shown in the headers of the respective tables and printouts, e.g., 'Coordinated by _____.' We are still exploring this concept and invite your comments.

We believe that colleagues who opt to collaborate with us, i.e., opt to see some of their work incorporated into FishBase, benefit because:

The description of various tables in this volume suggests how we plan to improve these tables and their coverage, and hence FishBase. Please contact us c/o

The FishBase Project,
FishBase Information and Research Group, Inc., MCPO Box 2631, 0718 Makati City, Philippines or e-mail to ,

if you wish to become one of our collaborators.

Daniel Pauly

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